SEO Technique

Search Engine Optimizer (also known as SEO) is a technique used on websites by the owners so as to attract more customers and increase the traffic. Companies such as Kuala Lumpur SEO help website owners to increase traffic. What it does is to optimize the site by placing information which was being searched at the top of the list. For instance, if you are the owner of a site known as, you will be eager to attract a huge traffic. This can be attributed to the fact that a huge traffic generates more money; especially if the site was for commercial use. With many people owning different types of blogs and sites, completion is high. Every blogger or a site-owner will want his or her site to be the most preferred by internet users. To make your site appear at the top, this technique of Search Engine Optimization is the solution.

Search Engine optimization targets variety of internet usage. This technique can be used to optimize videos, images, articles and even advertisements. For example if you were looking for an SEO company in Kuala Lumpur you would use the keyword SEO Kuala Lumpur. A person can use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Bing, E-bay or to look for a particular article, image or video of Kuala Lumpur SEO experts. The feedback received is known as Search Engine Return Pages (SERP). The keyword which an internet user was looking for will appear in different sites. These sites will be arranged by a computer program known as Spider depending on various factors. This program is also known as Crawler. The most common way in which these sites are arranged is through considering the amount of information available and related to the keyword. The only problem which a person can experience is that a site might be having very good information which is directly related to the keyword but still new and has no references. This shows that the Spider or Crawler (whose responsibility is to search information using the Search Engine) does not consider how the information in that site is helpful but the percentage of keyword appearance. It sounds complicated but it is simple. Crawler will determine how many times the keyword has been used in that site. For instance, if I type any name e.g. ‘house’ on search engine, a site which has a large number of that keyword will be placed at the top. What it does not consider is the fact that it is possible to define what a house is by using different words such as bungalow, hut or skyscraper.

There are various ways in which a search engine optimization can be applied to enable one’s site be prioritized. One of these ways is through linking your site with other well-known sites. This will make the Spider program optimize that site on grounds that other information will be derived from the links given.