What to look for in a good bike shop?

Bike Shop Brighton

The bicycle selling and serving market is quite competitive, where some shops do better than others. If cyclists manage to understand why some bike shops do better than others, then will be able to choose the right shop. There are many cyclists who are as passionate about a certain bike shop as they are about their bicycle. So, for those who wonder what to look for in a good bike shop, below are some things they should consider before walking through the door.


Often, bike shops near a cyclist’s home or work are a good choice. If there is no shop located close to home or work, then it is best to visit a shop that is located on a route that the cyclist frequently travels upon. Just like real estate, it all about location, even when it comes to bike shops.

Helpful & Knowledgeable Sales Staff

The shop staff should be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. This means they should not only provide factual information and personal preferences, but should also separate the two. They should outline the benefits and features of a product that a customer is investigating.

Good Technicians

Many bicyclists go out of their way to find a good technician. When they take a bicycle into the shop for service, they expect the person working on their bicycle to be trustworthy. For some bicyclists, selecting a bike shop is all about the technician. Indeed, cyclists should not return to a shop if the technician there is not good. The shop itself should also be organized and well-kept. A good bike shop should also offer bike fitting. Bike fitting Brighton experts Prestige Cycles are a reliable company that offers this type of service. A good bike fit Brighton is essential for all that are looking for comfort and speed.

Fast Turnaround On Repairs

When they are expecting to get their bicycle back, bicyclists are usually not too eager to wait for a week or two. Often, they are willing to pay slightly more for accurate and fast service. Quality shops should either do the job on time or should give customers a call to inform them of the repair status. Shops tend to stand out when they complete bicycle repairs on schedule. Bike workshop Hove experts Prestige Cycles have a great reputation in delivering a high quality service.

Attention & Attitude

Like the salespeople at virtually any shop, the salespeople are a bike shop should acknowledge a customer who has entered the shop. They should not apply high pressure sales techniques and should never hover customers. They should also not make customers feel as if they are too bored or busy to deal with them. Good bike shops depend upon on salespeople with friendly and smiling faces that are willing to answer questions and help customers.


The brand(s) of bicycles and the selection of supporting products that are being carried is another thing that makes one bike shop better than the other. Bicyclists prefer visiting shops that have plenty of stock on the shelves. Minimal stock gives the impressive that the shop might go out of business in the near future.


The employees at a bike shop should be honest when making sales because this is what makes bicyclists trust a particular bike shop.


Once they know what to look for in a good bike shop, bicyclists should be able to decide which bike shop is worth giving their business to. Even then, they should first talk to the sales staff and technicians. Word of mouth is a also a very common way of finding a good bike shop. I use Prestige Cycles- the number one bike shop Hove.


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